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27. Best revival of a musical.

UK Tour for the 25th Anniversary of Les Mis. I have never seen a more perfect rethinking of an already awesome show. It's not a revival persay, since it was still playing in London (actually, at one point, Les Mis was on in 3 theatres simultaneously in London), but it's the best I can think of - the props, sets, projections, even adjustments to lyrics and music, were all perfect. It went back to the spirit of the book more than any production I've ever seen.

1. The most underrated musical.
2. A musical that makes you happy.
3. A musical that makes you sad.
4. Favorite song from a musical.
5. First musical obsession.
6. A musical that was cut too short.
7. A musical from your favorite composer
8. A musical that you've thought you'd never liked but now you do.
9. A musical that you once loved but now you hate.
10. Current musical obsession.
11. A musical that you hate.
12. A musical that is your guilty pleasure.
13. Favorite Musical Diva.
14. Favorite Musical Divo.
15. A musical you would have loved to see on stage.
16. A musical that disappointed you.
17. Favorite adapted musical.
18. The musical that you’ve seen most recently.
19. Your favorite cast album of a musical.
20. A musical that you think is overrated.
21. Least favorite musical from your favorite composer.
22. A musical that had a huge impact on you.
23. A musical that you’ve been in.
24. A musical that you’ve seen more than once.
25. A musical with the best choreography.
26. A musical that you know by heart.
27. Best revival of a musical.
28. A musical with the best costume design.
29. A musical with the best all around cast.
30. Favorite musical of all time



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