Mar. 9th, 2010

Ever since I was small, I've loved musicals. The first I ever saw was The King and I film, which was my favourite film in my childhood. Things only got worse with the Lloyd Webber shows, particularly when I was in a school production of Jesus Christ Superstar when I was 9.

Ever since I can remember, I've had musical cassettes. When there were schooltrips to the opposite side of the country to see shows, I was on them. By the time I was 19, I had been to the West End multiple times and Broadway twice (although that was technically on the same trip, but meh. It counts).

Then, I found out about European theatre. Unfortunately, British theatre can be pretty snobbish and tends to ignore what's going on in mainland Europe, which is a serious loss to the British musical theatre circuit, as there are some phenomenal musicals that are scattered throughout Europe, yet have never made it into English translation.

Since then, I have seen more shows than I dare to count, in 5 different non-British countries to date, and many more in DVD releases and on CD. I may not speak the languages in many cases, but when the music, acting and story is good, you really, really don't need to.

This journal is somewhere I can stash my thoughts, my musings and generally, babble about musical related things to my heart's content. You have been warned :)
Musical: Phantom of the Opera (Upiór w operze)
Production: Live
Theatre: Roma Theatre, Warsaw, Poland
Date: 30/10/2008 & 31/10/2008

REVIEW: Phantom of the Opera (Upiór w operze) - Roma Theatre, Warsaw )
Musical: Avenue Q
Production: Live
Theatre: Gielgud Theatre, London, England.
Date: 11/06/2008

REVIEW: Avenue Q - Gielgud Theatre, London )
Musical: Lord of the Rings
Production: Live
Theatre: Theatre Royal, London, England
Date: 12/06/2008

REVIEW: Lord of the Rings - Theatre Royal, London )
Musical: Elisabeth
Production: Live
Theatre: Operettszínház, Budapest, Hungary
Date: 25th April 2008 - 18:00

REVIEW: Elisabeth - Operettszínház, Budapest )
Musical: Phantom of the Opera
Production: Live
Theatre: Palladium Stage, Warsaw, Poland
Date: 2nd October 2006

REVIEW: Phantom of the Opera - Palladium Stage, Warsaw )



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