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10. Current musical obsession.

As a show, probably still Elisabeth, but for musicals in general, the Takarazuka Revue is where I've been hanging out for a while now. It has traditional stuff or modern, western and eastern, and every single role is played by an exceedingly well-trained and talented lady. What's not to love?

11. A musical that you hate.

Not hate, persay, but really, really don't understand the fuss about Wicked. I find the premise of taking one of the best film villains who tormented my childhood and turning her into a freedom fighter annoying and stupid. Especially setting it in school, because there are no words for how annoying I find the best-friends-in-high-school thing. I've only ever liked one version of Defying Gravity, and that was because of Willemijn Verkaik. Mostly, the show is a world of blah to me.

1. The most underrated musical.
2. A musical that makes you happy.
3. A musical that makes you sad.
4. Favorite song from a musical.
5. First musical obsession.
6. A musical that was cut too short.
7. A musical from your favorite composer
8. A musical that you've thought you'd never liked but now you do.
9. A musical that you once loved but now you hate.
10. Current musical obsession.
11. A musical that you hate.
12. A musical that is your guilty pleasure.
13. Favorite Musical Diva.
14. Favorite Musical Divo.
15. A musical you would have loved to see on stage.
16. A musical that disappointed you.
17. Favorite adapted musical.
18. The musical that you’ve seen most recently.
19. Your favorite cast album of a musical.
20. A musical that you think is overrated.
21. Least favorite musical from your favorite composer.
22. A musical that had a huge impact on you.
23. A musical that you’ve been in.
24. A musical that you’ve seen more than once.
25. A musical with the best choreography.
26. A musical that you know by heart.
27. Best revival of a musical.
28. A musical with the best costume design.
29. A musical with the best all around cast.
30. Favorite musical of all time



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