angelofmusic: Sena Jun & Shirota Yuu (Wenn Ich Tanzen Will)
So Toho is doing a run of anniversary concerts for Elisabeth in 2012. I am trying my best to resist the lure of the show. Heck, I saw it twice when I was there last year...

But it's anniversary. An epic one. With probably every cast member that has ever been in it in J-land. Dear will power, please don't leave me.
angelofmusic: Sena Jun & Shirota Yuu (Wenn Ich Tanzen Will)
Musical: Elisabeth
Production: Live
Theatre: Toho Imperial Theatre, Tokyo
Date: 28/10/2010 & 29/10/2010

REVIEW: Elisabeth - Toho Imperial Theatre, Tokyo )
7. A musical from your favorite composer

While I am fond of Lloyd Webber, composer-wise, I have to say Sylvester Levay throws him into the dirt. Levay does some amazing work, and just because I've been listening to several of the songs on repeat for the last week, I'll go for Mozart!

I'm not a big fan of the show itself, because frankly it has far too many plots and provides Mozart with a whole fleet of counterpoints to Mozart, but not enough of a villain or a strong driving force behind it to make it flow. However, the basic premise of adult Mozart haunted by the legacy of his years as a child prodigy to the point that it's destroying him is fascinating. And the music. Oh, the music.

My especial favourite of the moment is Wie wird man seinen Schatten los?, and the reprise of the same, performed by the Ensemble in the finale is just as good.

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Musical: Elisabeth
Production: Live
Theatre: Operettszínház, Budapest, Hungary
Date: 25th April 2008 - 18:00

REVIEW: Elisabeth - Operettszínház, Budapest )



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