angelofmusic: Jakub Wocial - Phantom of the Opera (pic#4869127)
Musical: The Phantom of the Opera
Production: UK Tour 2012
Theatre: Edinburgh Playhouse
Date: 26/27th September 2012

REVIEW: The Phantom of the Opera - UK Tour 2012 )
30. Favorite musical of all time

Just because it hauled me in by my ears and kept me there, Phantom of the Opera. It has its flaws, yes, but it still made me love musical theatre, and when all else fails, give me a man in a mask and cloak who can sing, and I am putty in your hands.

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5. First musical obsession.

This one is easy: Phantom of the Opera. I saw it when the UK tour was in Edinburgh back in 1993 and was immediately thoroughly smitten. It wasn't just the musical, either. I promptly hunted down every possible Phantom film I could find, any books relating to the Phantom, random memorabilia. I love the story, I love the premise, I love a man in a mask who can sing and compose and do awesome magic. And strangely, the best production of Phantom I have seen was still a small 4-man cast production by a tiny, private theatre company in Warsaw, on a stage smaller than my livingroom. The cast totally made the show.

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Musical: Phantom of the Opera
Production: Live
Theatre: Palladium Stage, Warsaw, Poland
Date: 2nd October 2006

REVIEW: Phantom of the Opera - Palladium Stage, Warsaw )
Musical: Phantom of the Opera (Upiór w operze)
Production: Live
Theatre: Roma Theatre, Warsaw, Poland
Date: 30/10/2008 & 31/10/2008

REVIEW: Phantom of the Opera (Upiór w operze) - Roma Theatre, Warsaw )



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